The New Girl In The Building

girl kissI had been living in the condo for almost 3 weeks before I finally spoke to Laura for the first time. She was utterly gorgeous, with long brown hair and the most unusual greenish-grey eyes I have ever seen. I have been into girls ever since i can remember, and I thought I was pretty good at recognizing other lesbians, but with Laura I just had no clue at all.

It was a Saturday afternoon when I ran into her at the elevator.

“Hi, I’m Sarah, I just moved into 4G.” I said, trying to look all pert and cute.

She smiled and introduced herself. She had her hair in a ponytail, her lean body leaning gracefully against the wall  She was captivating. She was wearing a halter top and bell bottom jeans with sandals and she moved with such style and flair that I was a little nervous.

“Well Sarah, you should come up for a drink at my place tonight, that is if you aren’t busy. I’m in 5A.”

I thanked her for the offer but told her I was supposed to be going to Ginger’s with a friend. I was hoping to see any kind of reaction, as everyone knows that Ginger’s is a well know girls bar. She gave no hint that she knew the place and said I could come by before going out if I wanted to.

I went back to my place and had a shower. I couldn’t stop thinking about Laura, and contemplated getting one of my toys out for a play, but I had to get ready for a big night out. I got caught up in getting ready and eating a quick dinner so thoughts of Laura faded away a bit. When my phone rang at 7, I knew it would be my friend with some kind of excuse.

“I’m having a big drama with my ex… I can’t make it tonight” Kirstin said.

It wasn’t the first time she had canceled on me. She as always having dramas. I really didn’t want to go out by myself so I sat down on the sofa feeling irritated.

It now looked like it would be a quiet night in watching TV or maybe reading a book, but then I remembered Laura’s invitation. I decided to take her up on her offer. After all, it would be more fun then sitting around my apartment. I was all dressed up and wasn’t about to tell her that my friend had canceled. I looked great in my black slinky dress.

Laura answered the door in nothing but a silk kimono. She looked amazing.

“Oh, sorry… You look busy” I said standing in the hallway, not wanting to go.

“No, it’s fine, come on in. I am just getting ready but I have some time.”

We sat down and she brought me a glass of rose. We talked about normal everyday things. The noisy neighbor in 6D, work dramas and where we both hailed from. Then suddenly Laura got up and said she had to jump in the shower.

“I can go” I said, not wanting to at all.

“No” she said, “stay, I’ll just be a few minutes.”

She disappeared into the bathroom. From where I was sitting, I saw that she had left the door open. I watched her slip her robe off, and as it fell to the floor she was completely naked. Her body was smooth and silky. She had just a hint of bikini tan lines. I could see her reflection in the mirror. I had a clear view of her perfect round ass. Then suddenly she was gone, into the shower.

“Hey Sarah” she called from the shower a minute later, “sorry but could you bring me the shampoo in the bag on the kitchen counter. I just bought it and forgot to bring it in.”

I was more than happy to, but was surprised that my new friend was so comfortable to be naked in front of me. I could see the outline of her magnificent body through the rippled glass of the shower door. She slid it open and reached out as I handed it to her. She caught both my hands and the bottle at the same time. I was transfixed by her breasts. Her areola were dark brown, the size of silver dollars, with nipples standing hard at attention. I hesitated for what seemed like ages.

“Do you like what you see?” she said with a little naughty smile.

“Well, ahh… very much” I said. It sounded kind of feeble.

“Then join me”

I didn’t think twice, and slipped off my dress and stepped into the shower still wearing my sheer black satin bra and panties. She took me in her arms and kissed me, her tongue just  brushing my lips. At the same time she slipped her hand under my bra and squeezed my nipple, making it rock hard and sending a rush of wetness between my legs. I grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me, pushing against her.

showerShe guided me against the wall and gently pushed me down to a sitting position on the floor of the shower and I was faced with her luscious smooth-shaven pussy. She lifted one leg and put her foot on the edge of the tub letting her lips spread wide open naturally. I gratefully slipped my tongue into her, savoring her juicy nectar.

She let out a soft moan as I went to work, alternating from her clit to her pussy, all the while enjoying the intoxicating taste. Her breathing quickened as she pushed herself into my face and I knew she was going to cum. But suddenly she turned around ,bent over and spread her legs. Her lips were glistening and I took them in my mouth, sucking on them, and then gently slid my tongue across her pretty pink asshole. Her legs began to shake as she came, and my pussy was aching for attention.

She bent down and kissed me, the fresh taste of her still on my lips. She opened the shower door and helped me up. Then she turned me around and asked me to bend over. She yanked my soaked panties down to my ankles. With one hand she cupped my breast as she slipped 2 fingers inside of me. Water was going everywhere on the bathroom floor by now, but neither of us cared.

Then she knelt down behind me and grabbed both my ass cheeks, spreading me wide. I was so turned on I thought I would cum right then. She drove her tongue inside me, her whole mouth wrapping around my swollen pussy, gently sucking on my gaping hole. Her movements quickened, and she tongue fucked my ass and pussy alternatively. I let out a little yelp as I came uncontrollably. My knees got week and I could barely stand. I stood upright and turned around, kissing her, tasting myself on her wet lips. she slipped a finger inside me again, making me shudder with delight.

“Well” she said, I really should finish my shower. “Are you ok to wait for me?”

“Of course I am” I replied, and I sat down on the toilet seat and dried myself of a little.

My pussy was still contracting and spasming.

She was out of the shower in a minute, her glorious breasts dripping wet, calling out to me to play with.

“I am headed out tonight, maybe you should come with me” she said. She was so graceful and certain of herself. After all, she had just made a virtual stranger cum in her shower.

“Well, I would love to” I said trying to sound not too excited, “where are you going?”

“To Gingers of course” she replied with a lovely smile.”I knew when you told me you were going there that be would be friends.”

We got dressed and then got ready together, sharing a bottle of wine, chatting like we had known each other for ages. It was as if what had happened was a dream, but I was secretly waiting for what would happen after we got home from our night out.

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