The Magic Of My Mouth

This one was written for Cindy, who just cant get enough of The Gathering.

I had been into playing Magic the Gathering since my first and only boyfriend introduced me to it. We met when I was 17, and went together for 2 years. When I broke up with him I still continued to play. Probably too much. I tried playing online, but it wasn’t as much fun as playing with people live, because you could see their expression when you used one of the great cards like The Tinker on them. I had a pretty good deck, after years of collecting and playing. It’s true that I spent most of the money I made working at The Gap on new cards, but I lived at home still and I didn’t care. My mom and dad gave me a fair bit of grief about it and told me I shouldn’t be such a geek and get out more, but I was happy.

One day I saw an ad by a guy that was selling his cards. I called him to arrange a meeting as I wanted to get there first and see if he had any good ones. I figured if he was selling his, then I might get a good price. The ad even said he had a Mox Ruby card in perfect condition for just $60!

tight jeansI drove over to his house the Saturday morning before work. It was a warm summer day, and I was just in a halter top and skinny jeans. He answered the door just wearing a pair of Levi’s. He was about 26, but a fairly good-looking guy, a little different then a lot of the guys I would see at Comcon events. I told him my name was Karen and I was there for the Gathering cards. He invited me in and asked me if I wanted a coffee or something to drink. I declined and said I really was dying to get a look at the cards he had for sale.

“Sure” he said, “They are all here. By the way, my name is Tom.”

He sat me down in the living room and all the cards were on the table.

“I just got out of the shower Karen, have a look and I’ll be back in a sec.” He wandered off into the bedroom or something while I started looking.

There it was. A mint condition Mox Ruby B. I had 80 bucks with me and I was prepared to spend it all. I was really excited, what a score.

He came back in the room and sat on the couch.

“See anything you like?” he asked.

“I really want this one.” I said, trying not to look too excited. “The ad said 60 bucks?”

“What? For the Mox Ruby? No way” he said and then laughed. “It’s worth like $600.”

“But” I stuttered, “Umm, the ad said…” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I really wanted it.

“Hey don’t cry” he said. I was even more embarrassed that he noticed.

“Relax… hey maybe we can work something out.”

“Like what? I only have 80 bucks, I have been saving it up.”

He looked straight at me with his piercing blue eyes and smiled.

“Well, would you give me a blowjob for it?”

He asked me, just like that! He knew really I wanted it. I had just one boyfriend before, and we had only had sex once, though I had given him blowjobs a couple of times in my basement. My knowledge on the subject was limited.

Here was this attractive older guy asking me if I would give him a blowjob for the card I really wanted. I was quite shocked. I mean, everyone always told me I was pretty, but too geeky. I did have nice tits and was just a little curvy, but certainly not fat. The thought of him wanting me, even IF it were just to trade for the card made me feel wet between my legs. I wanted this card more than anything.

“Ok, I’ll do it. But I’l be honest, I don’t have much experience”

“That’s ok, Ill show you” he said slipping off his jeans and sitting back on the couch. His cock was quite big, much bigger than my old boyfriends, and it was already starting to get hard. He was also completely shaved around his cock and balls, something I had just started to do myself only 2 weeks before.

“Ok, come kneel in front of me, and just slip it in your mouth”

I did as he asked, and within a minute he was really hard. I started tentatively at first, just putting the large mushroom head in my mouth, but as I relaxed I got more in. He glided his fingers through my long hair grabbed my head and very gently pushed me further down while letting out an appreciative little moan.

“Lick my balls” he said, and that gave me the opportunity to look at his large cock. It was throbbing, all covered in veiny lines. his balls were smooth and huge. I took one in my mouth.

“Take your top off for me, so I can feel your lovely tits on my cock.” I hadn’t planned on this, but he said I could choose any other card too, if I did. So I undid my halter and let my 36 C tits out. My nipples are quite large and I brushed them against his balls while I took him in my mouth.

He began to moan a lot and I could taste sticky sweet precum flowing from the tip of his cock, at one point I pulled it out of my mouth to lick his balls again and a glistening strand of it went from my lips to his cock. When I slid his rigid penis back into my mouth, I could tell he was going to cum.

“Not in my mouth please” I said, knowing I had never actually agreed on that upfront. He grabbed the base of his cock and my hair with his other hand and drew me about 3 inches away.

“Open your mouth” he said.

sticky finishI didn’t want to, but I was feeling very horny from all of this and felt that he was completely in control, so I did as I was told. Right at that moment, he pumped hard with his hand and jet after jet of hot creamy cum shot out. Almost 7 huge strands of it! I flinched a little when the first spray hit me, but relaxed after and got cum all over me. Inside my mouth, on my lips, face and all over my tits. I had never seen so much cum. I didn’t even know that a guy could cum that much.

He handed me a small somewhat dirty towel that was by the couch and told me to clean up. The towel smelled like cum and I realized he probably used it to clean up when masturbating. It was all a little degrading, but at the same time I was incredibly horny. I had practically forgotten why I had come here.

“Would you do it to me?” I could not believe I had said it, but I was so horny I wanted to cum. I wanted him to lick my pussy.

“No” he said, “Not now. Take the card and any other one you want, and if you still want more, then come back tomorrow morning at 10. Then you can get more cards and I’ll make you cum too.”

I put my halter back on, feeling slightly dejected and super horny. I took my cards and went out to my car to drive home. I went only 3 blocks before I had to pull down a deserted street and masturbate. I Knew I would go back in the morning. I came in my panties and drove home still feeling his dried cum on my face.

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