Office Encounter

These things happen sometimes… Written for a great client

StrictlyBusinessPeter started working in accounts just a few weeks after I did. I knew when I first saw him, that I wanted him, but I am generally to shy to follow through on my desires.
After only a few days, he started flirting with me, so I started wearing more sexy dresses and paying extra attention to my makeup. I often wore lace stockings and suspender belt just so he might get a glimpse of the top of the stockings. I’m not 100% sure if I was doing it consciously or not, but I was giving all the signals.
Three months into this constant flirtation, we were told that the company was doing an audit, and that Peter and I would have to work quite late together on a Friday. It would be just the two of us in the office after 5, and there had been a damp spot on my panties throughout the whole day in anticipation. This would be the first time ever that we would be alone together.

By 4 everyone was getting ready to leave early, as they do on Fridays, and enjoying a glass of wine or two. One of the perks of our office is that they give everyone a few drinks on Friday afternoons to relax after a busy week. Being nervous and excited, I drank two Chardonnays a little too fast.

“Right, ready to get into it?’ he said after everyone had left the office. He was sitting so close I could feel the heat off of his body.
“So ready” I said, and the blushed and looked straight down at my computer. I was embarrassed at the voracity of my excitement. He was talking about the work, but the damp spot in my panties had turned to a soaking wet patch.

I mustered all my strength and courage to actually say something witty or to perhaps ask him out on a date.
“Peter…” I said looking up from my screen, only to find his lips just inches away from mine. Impulsively, I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Peter made an appreciative sound but as I moved away, I hesitated. It was just enough to give him the signal he’d been waiting for.

He reached out and pulled me back towards him, closing his lips on me and thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I was a bit stunned by the passion at that moment and my pussy began to quiver.

We stood up and I sat back on the desk, all the while kissing and groping each other. All thoughts of work had completely disappeared. He started working a hand up my skirt only to find lace top stockings and a very wet pair of satin panties. He pulled the fabric to one side, and I groaned as he thrust two fingers gently inside my slick wet shaven pussy. I closed my hand around his now semi hard shaft through his pants and felt it grow.

He was big, I thought, very big. He withdrew his fingers from my dripping pussy and put them in my mouth. I was a bit surprised but found it a massive turn.
The sweet taste of my own juices almost made me cum.

officeHe sat me back on the desk and pulled my panties down to my ankles. Within seconds he was kneeling in front of me, teasing my clit, and slipping his tongue inside of me. He worked his whole mouth on my pussy, sucking my swollen lips into his mouth. When he gently slipped his tongue in my ass a came so hard I soaked his face. My entire body shuddered in delight. He stood up and kissed me, the warm intoxicating smell of my orgasm on his lips.

“Your turn” I said, un-buckling his belt and reaching into his trousers. He was rock hard, all swollen and purple. His cock was probably 8 inches, bigger then I was used to. When I pulled it out of his pants, the large mushroom head was glistening with pre-cum. His balls felt tight and felt full. I knelt down and looked up at him with my big brown eyes, making eye contact as I stroked the shaft and ran my tongue across the head of his throbbing cock.

bjHis sticky pre-cum was now flowing and I completely lost myself. I pushed his huge cock as far as I could into my mouth. The taste was divine, and the feel of it gliding into my mouth and up against the back of my throat almost made me cum again. I reached down and slid 3 fingers inside myself as I swallowed him. I worked my lips over his cock for just a few minutes and then I felt his cock tighten and swell in my mouth. He spurted what seemed like endless jet after jet of hot creamy cum  into my throat, moaning loudly. All the while I was furiously fingering myself and made myself cum twice. I closed my eyes, savoring the sweet and salty flavor, before I swallowed all of his sticky juice.

It was over just like that, our first encounter. And we had work to do. We cleaned ourselves up and got to work in earnest, so we could get finished and go back to his place for a second course.

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