Be Careful What you Wish For

be careful what you wish for

Here is a taste of the latest book out. Highly rated and a great read. See if you can guess how much if from actual experience.

Jim woke up on Sunday morning feeling a little ragged. He and Melissa had a huge Saturday night and then ended up having a marathon session in bed. They had come home after going out dancing and they ended up in the shower together. As had happened many times before when they were a little high, their talked turned to the fantasy of having a threesome or maybe even meeting another couple for a session. Melissa always got really horny when they talked about it, and the result was an extra dirty sex romp. The thing was though, that Jim really wanted to do it and Melissa never talked about it when they weren’t in bed after partying.
He got up and made coffee and orange juice for both of them. ‘Maybe it’s time we actually plan this’ Jim thought as the drone of the juicer rattled through his head. He threw together a light breakfast and put it in a tray with the juice and coffee and went back into the bedroom.
Melissa lay there, still half asleep, smiling at him. She was gorgeous, all lithe and sexy, with her lovely brown hair all messed up from a night of intense sex. She had a perfect body, with big silver dollar sized brown nipples that got rock hard at even the slightest touch.
“Thanks baby” Melissa said reaching out to touch his naked thigh as he sat on the bed with the tray, “you are my breakfast hero.”
“Fantastic night last night, huh?” Jim said, thinking of how he might bring the subject back up now that it was the morning after
“Amazing” Melissa replied “you know that I love your cock, right? I mean I love you too, but I adore your cock.”
Jim was starting to get hard thinking about what it would be like having a threesome or more with her. He wasn’t even sure if he would rather see a guy fuck her or to have a girl join and maybe see her play with the girl a little. In their fantasy discussions, she said that she would try it.
“Remember our discussion last night?” Jim said, feeling like he was taking a risk bringing it up. His cock was rapidly swelling.
“It looks like you are” she replied, reaching out with one hand and taking his shaft in her little hand.
“Would you ever want to really do it? Jim said after a second.
“I thought that’s why we talked about it” Melissa said “I thought that you would arranged it if you really wanted to.”
Jim was slightly surprised by her answer. All this time he had thought that it was only fantasy. Never once had he actually considered that she would do it for real. Now he was totally horny again and wanted to fuck his lovely girlfriend again.
“Yeah, but…” this was new territory. They were discussing this while completely straight for the first time, “Would you want… a guy or girl to join us?”
“Maybe a girl for the first time” Melissa said almost casually “and then maybe try a couple.”
Jim was completely blown away by the fact that his lovely little girlfriend was so into the idea. She often came across as rather straight laced.
“Look Jim, we adore each other, I know that. So I have no jealousy issues, ok? Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing what all this girl/girl hype is about. Seems like everyone is trying it.”
That was all he needed to hear. He would get on it straight away. But first he grabbed Melissa ankles and held them up in the air. She was still naked from the night before. He wanted to show her how much he appreciated this, so he slowly put his face between her legs, inhaling the delicious exotic scent of her pussy. She was wet in seconds, and with Jim’s teasing, on the verge of an orgasm in minutes. That was one thing he loved about her. She was multi orgasmic and could cum over and over. She would even squirt sometimes when she as really horny. By the time they finished, they were a sweaty mess, Melissa riding his hard cock until she was filled with sticky cum.
That afternoon Melissa peeked over Jim’s shoulder s he sat at the computer. He had made a profile for them on a website that was made for this sort of thing. He wasn’t having a lot of luck. The girls were either weird, or really chubby or just too far away.
“Whatcha doin?” Melissa said in her super cute way. She knew exactly what he was up to. It was she that had encouraged it.
“Not much luck on here I am afraid” Jim said, feeling a little disappointed.
“Why not ask someone we know?” Melissa said. “Saves us meeting potential crazy stalker type people.”
“Yeah right, like who?”


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