lana lingerieI am Lana. I am 30, dirty and really fun. (I am actually 27, but 30/dirty sounds better and I often feel old) I am a writer for many publications, everything from travel to fashion, but what I enjoy writing the most is erotica. That’s because I have a lot of experience. Yes, I love sex, of course. I am not looking to meet you, simply entertain you (although, you never know.) I write about everything and anything, it’s a great way to get away from all the other writing about everyday things.

Please feel free to check back as often as you like for new stories. Comment on my writing or even get a custom-made story for you. You can order personalized writing through my fiverr page too. Click here.

If you wonder why a lot of my writing sounds real, that is because I will try anything once – twice if maybe I liked it a little, and I put that experience into my writing. I love to hear your suggestions too. Look for me on Facebook – Lana Portasi or check out my twitter.



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