My New Favorite Sex Toy Shop

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I visited the  frolicka website on the recommendation of a friend of mine and my friend Sean. Jane has been a very close friend of ours since just after we got together and indeed was the one who introduced us into swinging scene. Not that we are full on swingers, we just enjoy a bit of variety now and then. But I digress.

As I said i found the site because of Jane. Sean and I found it a refreshing change from the very ordinary sex toy sites out there. With sexy stories to read, well written articles and a category for just your favorite brand of sex toy, shopping is a joy. We have already spent our monthly budget on toys and yet still I visit. They seem to have very competitive prices, compared to what is out there.

The design of the site makes it both easy and fun to find your way around and order, though I do keep having to open a new Frolicka page every time I leave the site to look around. But that is a small price to pay for such a wide selection at such amazing prices. Anyway, I am guessing that it’s a work in progress, with new stuff all the time. I am hoping that they make me a reviewer and send me free stuff to try.

Spank (Part 1)

A client of mine asked for something special. Because she is young, I take care not to make it sound lewd and nasty.

I have always gotten good grades is school. In fact all through primary school I had all A’s, except for maybe in maths class, but I never even got anything lower than a B. When I was 13, we moved to a new city because  my dad got a transfer at work, and everything changed. It wasn’t so much the new city that caused problems. It was because I was changing. I had started noticing boys. A lot. I was distracted all the time. I had started to learn about sex too, not only in the sex-ed classes in school but also from talking to the other girls. Especially the older ones. They seemed to know a lot about it. I had even started looking at very naughty things on the internet sometimes, when I knew I could get away with it. But not often. It was really naughty.

pantiesI had also begun to understand just how good it felt to touch myself. I didn’t do it too often at first, because I felt really guilty about it. But after a while I started doing all the time. In the shower and many times in bed at night. My breasts were starting to get bigger and when I played with my nipples it turned me on.

When my report card came just before the Christmas holidays, I knew I would be in trouble. I had 3 D’s and 2 C’s. My schoolwork had completely gone to hell. My mom and dad were worried about me, but they were also really mad. I spent the whole of the Christmas holidays grounded. No phone privileges either. I was so bored and I spent a lot of time masturbating in different ways. When school started I promised them that I would do better.

But it only got worse. I was almost 14, my breasts kept getting bigger and I was constantly thinking about sex. By April, I actually had a boyfriend. We kissed a lot and stuff, but it wasn’t like I was going to be a slut like some of the older girls. I paid very little attention to my schoolwork because my body was winning the battle over my mind.

When my report card came at the end of school that year, I knew I was completely screwed. I hid it from my mom and dad for about a week. When my dad went away for a business trip I took it out one morning and showed it to my mom.

“Oh my god Karen, this is even worse than your last one. Did you not learn anything from your Christmas holiday detention?

“I’m sorry mom, I am just so distracted.” Tears welled up in my eyes, partly because I didn’t want to disappoint her but also because I could see my summer holiday slipping away into one long grounding. And with that, my new boyfriend too.

“What are we going to do with you? Always hanging out with boys and letting your school work go.” She was really furious and she was shaking a little.

“Mom, please don’t ground me for the summer, pleeeease!” I was almost crying. “Can’t we find something else, please?” I was practically begging.

“Like what? You don’t seem to care about anything”

“Maybe you could give me a spanking like you used to do when I was little.” I said, not having the slightest clue why.

She thought about that for a minute. I knew what she was thinking. Grounding me didn’t work and she was so mad right now that maybe spanking me really hard would vent her frustration. She told me to go upstairs to my room and that she would be up soon.

I did as I was told. I went upstairs and sat on my bed, wiping little tears from my eyes.

She came up about 20 minutes later. She didn’t look any less angry with me.

She told me to take off my jeans and pull my light blue cotton panties down to my ankles.

“You are going to spank me bare bottomed? I asked

“What did you expect Karen?”

My mom hadn’t seen me naked in probably 5 years now, and I felt very self-conscious getting undressed. She made it worse by commenting on the fuzzy blond hair starting to grow around my pussy. She told me to get on my knees on the floor, facing the bed, and lay down across the bed. I was really nervous. It had been years since I got spanked for anything.

spank 1The first blow took me completely by surprise, the sound of the smack, and the sting of blood rushing to my ass where she spanked me. I let out a little yelp and winced a little. She wasn’t holding back. She spanked me hard again and again; all the time saying what a little slut I had become and that I had better start getting my shit together. It was like she was taking out a whole year of disappointment on my ass.

But a funny thing happened after about the fifth time she hit me. The pain I was feeling disappeared and turned into a kind of strange pleasure. My senses were already reeling, and every time she spanked, I went forward a bit, brushing my nipples against the soft fabric of my bed covers. I instantly got wet, like when I masturbated, and felt ashamed that my mom might notice. On one of he strokes, she hit quite low, striking just where my thighs meet my ass, sending a wave of pleasure and pain into my pussy at the same time. I was surprised I didn’t get my moms hand wet. Maybe I did.

She slapped my ass a few more times and I was getting way too turned on. It was weird.

“Enough!” she said suddenly. I was laying face down on the bed, tears in my eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was embarrassed at my feelings or because I felt a little humiliated, but I still had strangely enjoyed it.

I was about to get up when she abruptly grabbed a hairbrush off of my dresser and gave me one last whack on my ass. She hit me with the bristle side, and the sensation was intense. I am a little uncomfortable in admitting that I came right then and there. I think my mom thought my shudder was a reaction to the pain and in a way I suppose it was. Just not her way.

She got up to leave and told me to come downstairs and have some lunch but ONLY when I was ready to apologize and make a plan for how I would do better in school next year. I locked the door behind her, pulled my panties off and started playing with myself like I had never done before. I spent an hour at it, sometimes grabbing my bum where it was still stinging from the punishment. It was tender and sore, but in a pleasant way I could never have imagined. I made myself cum so many times I was almost crying.

When I came down stairs for lunch finally, I must have looked pretty spent. My mom said she was sorry that she hit me so hard, but that she was so frustrated with me, and she didn’t know what to do. I was only thinking about how I could experience that again. I could never ask my boyfriend or one of the boys at school.

I knew my mom would never tell my dad about this, because I was really too old for a spanking and she only did it because she was really mad. I started working on a plan to tell my dad about the report card too, so maybe I could get another spanking.