New Experiences : How I Learned To Be A Sub Slut

From the beginning, David and I never had what would have been considered a ‘normal’ sex life. We had met while we were working at a call center that specialized in helping people with sex problems. It was a free sex advice line that was paid for with government money. Of course once the Republicans took over the state again in the next election, all funding was cut and the helpline was shut down. But by then, we were already an item.

Because we discussed all manner of things with people that called, we heard some pretty amazing stories. We would often talk about it later and many times tried new things based on the tales that we heard. We were more ‘liberal’ then most couples I would guess, even trying out a threesome once to satiate our curiosity. We had a drawer full of sex toys, piles of lingerie and would even sometimes video our exploits and share them online (of course with our faces not in the picture.) After 6 years of being together, it had never gotten boring and neither of us ever felt like we weren’t getting enough sex.

For my 26th birthday, David took me to Prague. It was an absolutely beautiful city with amazing people and the summer days were warm and long. We had sex in the hotel, on the balcony and in the shower too. Then one afternoon when we were out for a stroll, we passed by an adult club. We took a flyer from out front and made our way to dinner. Later that evening, David pulled out the flyer and we discussed it.

“It looks like fun,” he said to me over a glass of red wine on our balcony. The lights of the city were shimmering below.

“Do you want to try it?” I asked. “I mean, no one knows us in this city, why not…. right?”

David smiled at me, knowing that if I had offered it, I genuinely meant it. We agreed that we would just us play together there, unless something really interesting came up. The club’s policy of ‘no means no’ meant that if someone was not invited to play, then they should not even think about touching you.

We decided to go on our second to last night there, just in case we liked it so much that we wanted to go back again. We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant in the old town and then went beck to our hotel to get ready. Even though I was really nervous, I was incredibly excited too.

I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I still had it. Long brown hair that cascaded over my 34C breasts with big nipples that stood out almost half an inch when I was turned on. A perfect little tight ass and a flat belly that curved down to my neatly shaven pussy. I had big pussy lips, which protruded slightly. They drove David wild, especially when swollen and hanging open. I came out of the bathroom and saw David standing there naked, trying to choose what to wear. In my opinion he was perfect, strong legs, a fantastic ass and a cock that any woman would go weak over. I was in fact, in love with his cock as much as I was with him. :: Buy It Here

For The Love Of Cum – My Huge Cock Addiction

I didn’t mean it to turn out this way. It wasn’t something I planned. It just happened. When I was 15 I had these amazing neighbors that I used to babysit for. They were such a great couple and from a young age I always had a crush on him. Of course it was just that schoolgirl type of crush at first, but it got stronger. Then when I was 18, his wife had a terrible accident and went in to a coma. As far as I know, she still is today. At that point, I began to baby sit for him a lot more. It also just happened that I ended up being very supportive in a time of his life when he needed it.
One day, I came late to babysit. I came straight from school, still in my uniform. He had to get to a dinner and I had been to cheerleading. I would just help myself to dinner in his fridge. I put his now 4-year-old son to bed and went upstairs to tell him to be quiet going out. There, at the top of the stairs, the bathroom door was open, and he was just getting out of the shower.

“Oh my god” I said, totally surprised at the sight of his huge cock. I had no idea it would be that big.

“I am so so sorry Tina” he said reaching for a towel. I think he thought that I was upset.

The truth was, I had lost my virginity a year prior and had developed a taste for cum. I was one of those girls you hear about that loved giving blowjobs. Of course I liked sex too, but blowjobs had become my specialty. I still had a crush on this man, and even more so now.

“It’s just that… It’s so big” I said. My eyes must have been wide with wonder. It was huge, with a giant mushroom head. He seemed perplexed that I had not turned and run.

“You…. you like it?” he said, dropping the towel he had held up.

Now, it wasn’t like I had seduced him, nor he me. I wasn’t trying to steal him from his comatose wife. I just wanted to touch that big cock. I dropped to my knees at the top of the stairs.

“Can I?” I said. I must have looked adorable in my school uniform, sitting there begging for cock.

He came forward, his huge cock dangling. I took it in both hands and let out a little yelp of glee. It was already growing vey hard, very fast. I put my lips to the tip, dragging it across my mouth and slapping my face with it. He responded by getting so hard he grew to what must have been his full 9 inches. Precum was oozing from the tip. I greedily pushed it into my mouth. I thought that I was pretty good at giving head, but Rodger showed me, guided me and talked me through it. He held my head gently, and fucked my mouth. After 10 minutes he was filling my mouth with cum. ::: Buy It Here


 A full novel due soon

Venus Rediscovered

When you are blindfolded, all of your other senses are heightened to the extreme. Denied the ability to actually see what is happening, you are forced to smell it, to taste it, to listen to the sounds of it. And of course to feel it. When your arms and legs are gently bound with silk scarves, the only feeling you receive is the touch of others, or the lack of it, which in itself is quite intense.  And completely naked, there is a lot of skin to touch.

I could smell that there were both men and women in the room. The fragrant and intoxicating scent, that distinctive aroma of a woman, had become very familiar to me over the past 8 months. And the scent of men, many at a time, was very clear to me. The sounds were muffled, voices intermingling with the soft music and the buzz of a vibrator which was occasionally being used on me to bring me right to the edge. It was easy enough to differentiate a womans touch from a mans, except for when it was someones mouth exploring various regions.

I was at their mercy, which is how I wanted it. I had not been kidnapped. I was not here against my will. I had put myself in this position on purpose. The further I pushed my limits, the more pleasure I got. I had become a pleasure rush junkie.

I contemplated for just a moment how the hell I actually wound up here. I really had once been the girl next door. But she was gone. Moved on to some safer place where grown ups didn’t do this kind of thing. Ever… or even think about it. My musings were suddenly jolted back to reality as I felt someone slip themselves inside of me in a slow but deep thrust. Someone began to gently bite my nipple at the same time. I was guessing that was a woman.


Korner Kafé Exposed


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